Are your earrings good for sensitive ears?

Oh, yeah. All the posts are gold-filled stainless steel, nickel and lead free. So they’re good for sensitive ears, yup. 

I saw $15 polymer clay earrings on Etsy. Why are your earrings more expensive than those earrings?

Seriously I have no idea how people can make a living by pricing their earrings that cheap. I spent hours and hours mixing the colors, shaping, sanding, buffing and putting together my earrings. The price on my website truly reflects the love and care I put into my products. And hey, I have 2 hungry mouths to feed, people! Trust me, $35-40 for a pair of my earrings is NOT expensive. 

What makes your earrings lighter than any other earrings I’ve seen?

Well, I’ve figured out the thinnest possible thickness (ha) polymer clay can go, without losing its strength. I conditioned the heck out of each clay dough and make sure I didn’t screw up with the baking. The result is the lightest earrings you can imagine. It’s like wearing paper, really.

What’s your return or exchange policy?

You can return or exchange the earrings within 30 days of your purchase. (Though you’ll have to pay for shipping and the price difference if the new pair is more expensive.)