About Oom

Hi y’all! My name is Oom (well, my real name is Siriyakorn, but let’s not even bother ha ha). I’m a mother of two little girls and the crazy mind behind OomPDX. I moved to Portland in 2012 from Bangkok, and have been creating stuff since. Earlier in 2022 I fell in love with polymer clay and couldn’t stop playing around with it. I love colors and I always always wear earrings. So why not make earrings in the colors and styles that I love?! I like making a statement with my outfit, I like bling, and I LOVE light earrings. So now you know me, and that also means you know why my earrings are the way they are.

If you come to my house, you’ll hear me constantly oohing and aahing at the new colors I just created or the new style I just put together. It’s so exciting to share my creations with you all. Every woman deserves to look pretty. I hope my earrings are a part of making you fall in love with yourself. 

Cheers to you lovely ladies!

Oom ;)